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08-05-2011, 10:05 AM
Hi guys.
many emails and questions.
better to present the facts and let it be.

it started from this email...


It was good talking with you again. When I approached you last fall about taking your products to the Woodworking Shows I felt that they had a tremendous potential to sell very well. But things did not work out between the owner of the Woodworking Shows & myself and that project didn’t go anywhere after I left.

I remain very excited about the potential of your product line. When my friend Dick Rh(x)des & I were kicking around ideas of what to do I proposed to him what I had proposed to the owners of the Woodworking Shows last fall — that we bring your products to the shows. Dick didn’t really know anything about your system so he began to investigate it. He got so excited about what he learned that he stayed up until 3 am watching your videos and reading the comments in the forums. He is completely convinced that your system could become the next big thing in woodworking if the promotion & marketing were done correctly. And I wholeheartedly agree!

Dick & I would like to come visit you to discuss our possible roles in your future plans. Clearly the first part of that discussion would be to discuss bringing your products to the Woodworking Shows. Dick & I envision the same thing. We’d like a 20’ booth with a BIG sign. We’d have both the EZ Smart System and the Power Bench set up for demonstration. One of us would be demonstrating & the other would be answering questions & closing sales. Then we’d switch so our demonstration would stay fresh & full of energy all day.

We would work closely with the Woodworking Shows to make the Eurekazone booth a main attraction at the show. This is a product not many woodworkers have seen and it solves many of the problems woodworkers face and it’s safe too! We can generate a lot of attention for your product by promoting it at the Woodworking Shows in this way.

Second, we would like to discuss becoming a distributor for you. I’m not sure what kind of marketing & sales staff you have in place now, but both Dick & I have extensive backgrounds in sales & marketing. We believe we possess the special knowledge, the contacts, the experience, and the skills you’ll need to build a successful distribution system for your products.

Briefly, Dick started out as a demonstrator for ShopSmith. He was the first salesman to sell over a million dollars of Shopsmith in a year. He eventually became Shopsmith’s sales trainer and then their Sales Manager. In his career Dick also has successfully introduced several other new and innovative woodworking tools that needed demonstrations to best show their advantages. Most notably he was the Sales Manager at RBI when they first introduced the scroll saw to the woodworking market. Currently Dick is the Sales Manager at Snappy where he has increased sales 300%.

My background was in market research where I specialized in determining why consumers bought one product instead of another. I also did market strategy consulting with companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Mazda, Federal Express, Revlon, and Merck & Co. among others. I stumbled into pitching by accident, but I discovered I had a real knack for it and soon became one of the top pitchmen in the country. After meeting the founder of Kreg at a show when his booth was next to mine Kreg recruited me to pitch the Kreg Jig at the woodworking shows. When I started demonstrating the Kreg Jig it was still so new that most woodworkers hadn’t seen it work yet. When people saw how fast I could join two pieces of wood their jaws literally dropped! Despite that wow factor, Kreg's show sales had been declining for 2 years. I turned that around and increased Kreg’s show sales ~50% a year every year for the 6 years that I demonstrated it. More importantly, I worked with Kreg's marketing staff to develop a new marketing message that helped spark dealer sales as well. Coordinating the promotion at the Woodworking Shows with Kreg's other promotional efforts was very effective in building Kreg's sales at both the shows & at their dealers.

Eventually I knew so much about Kreg’s products & how to use them and sell them that Kreg decided I was wasted working as their pitchman and brought me in as their National Sales Manager. As Kreg’s National Sales Manager I increased sales in the accounts I supervised by 46.2% in 2004, 42.6% in 2005, and 24.6% in 2006. In 2007 I was transfered to International Sales Manager where I increased sales 35.5%.

In summary, Dick is probably the best demonstrator that I know and he is an experienced sales and marketing executive with a deep understanding of the woodworking marketplace and how to introduce new woodworking products. I am also an experienced sales & marketing executive with a deep understanding of the woodworking marketplace. In my time at Kreg I visited almost every significant woodworking retailer in the country. Between Dick & myself, we have a good relationship at almost every key retailer in the US & Canada. We both know all the top sales reps in the woodworking field so we know who’s good and who you should avoid. Finally, we have both worked to introduce innovative new products. Selling innovative products is different than selling a product that everyone understands. We know how educate the market about your innovative new products. That knowledge is key to your success!

The bottom line is that we have the skills, the knowledge, and the contacts to build Eurekazone a dealer network very fast and we would like to opportunity to do that for you.

We are thinking we would like to set our visit sometime soon after your personal injury court case is done. You mentioned that you go to arbitration on July 15th, do you know how long the arbitration hearing is expected to last? Both of us are pretty flexible with our schedules right now so we can accommodate whatever date works best for you. Please give me a call so we can set a time so we can meet.


Joel Han(X)sen

I will post all the emails and close the thread.
No reason to talk about it here.just the facts and only the facts.

08-05-2011, 05:02 PM

Good luck on your court cast tomorrow! Do you know how long the case will take?

Right now we were hoping to visit sometime next week. Is that too soon? Please let me know what would work best for you. We are both very flexible about when we come, so whatever works best for you is Ok.

Congratulations on your patents being granted. That is a key step! But I'm a little confused, I only found patent #7201192, Extendable Woodworking System, along with several patent applications still pending. What other patents have been granted?

that was a red flag...

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 8:28 AM, Joel Ha(x)nsen <--------------> wrote:


Yesterday Dick & I set up the Ryobi saw on a Smart Base plate and
began playing with the EZ Smart System. We were astounded with the
quality of the cuts we were able to make using an inexpensive, old
worn out framing blade. It is one thing to see it in a demo and
another to experience it yourself. With the video you always wonder
just how much set up was involved or if he's using a super expensive
blade like a Forrest to get those results. Well our personal tests
removed all doubt about the results you can get with your system!

The quality of the cuts will be the first "WOW" portion of our
demonstration and we have worked out a very nice little demo that
really shows it off.

Our experience so far has us anxiously awaiting our cabinetmaker systems!

08-05-2011, 05:10 PM

I never got the stuff you sent me. UPS says they delivered it on last Wednesday & that they left it on my porch. I didn't get home until Thursday & by then the package was gone. I had thought that one of my neighbors had picked it up for safekeeping but I wasn't able to reach him until today. He told me he saw the package on the porch Wednesday, but didn't have the time to get it. When he returned home later, the package was gone. (And I thought I lived in a good neighborhood!)

Anyway, UPS says you need to file the claim to get paid for the lost merchandise. UPS should reimburse you for the full retail value of what you sent. The UPS tracking number was

We'd still like to do the focus groups, but we are running out of time.

How are you coming on the new Powerbench? Have you been making progress on getting your factory geared up for higher production? Let us know what's going on.

Send Dick's stuff to:


Send my stuff to:


I'd love to update you with some progress, but right now we are on hold.

Sorry about the hassle.


That is the kind of people that I don't want to sell my stuff.
Not only using the system that we all pay at the end but accusing the neighbors that they stole the tools and telling me to put a claim to collect my money and send them more stuff for free.

08-05-2011, 05:14 PM

I am surprised that I have not heard anything back from you about replacing the stolen product samples you sent Dick & I. This lack of a response has left Dick & I puzzled and frustrated. Today, when we were discussing what message your lack of response was supposed to deliver we realized that you may be frustrated with us as well. After all, we have been promising to deliver a proposal to you about taking your products to the woodworking shows as well as a proposal to distribute your products to dealers and we have not done so yet. But without the rest of your products in our hands we feel like we have been put on hold and that we are unable to begin the market research we wish to do.

We are especially feeling the lack of the cabinetmaker system. Based upon our current understanding of your various products & how a few potential customers have reacted to the YouTube videos we have shown them we believe that the cabinetmaker system is your key product. But we have not yet had a chance to work with this key product ourselves, let alone show it to a larger sample of potential customers to judge their response to it. We really need complete cabinetmaker systems to start the market research we need to do.

Both Dick & I want to represent your company. We believe that your product fills a very real need in the woodworking marketplace and that it's market potential is very high. We have been impressed with the products that we have. We were especially impressed with the anti-chip properties of the SGS1 that we tested. It far exceeded our expectations! And I'm sure you know how much I like the Smart Table.

However, we cannot make a commitment to represent your company until we have seen the rest of your products and completed at least some of our market research. Agreeing to represent your company represents both a large financial and personal commitment. We would need to make booth deposits and make travel arrangements such as paying for plane reservations, hotels, and rental cars. We would need to build a booth and pay for the graphics we'd use. Finally, agreeing to represent your product means we would have to walk away from the other opportunities that have been presented to us.

So we are left wondering how do we put this relationship back on track or even if this is something that you want to pursue further.

If you do not wish to pursue this any further, please let us know.

If you still want us to present you with a proposal, then we need cabinetmaker systems ASAP. If you want a proposal from us now, we can provide one based upon our current understanding of your products & our best guesses about how to take it to market.

We also need to talk about how we can avoid these kind of misunderstandings in the future. We are willing to own up to being part of the problem. Instead of waiting for you to act first, we should have been communicating with you much more often. Even if we didn't have anything substantive to say, we should have been making an effort to stay in contact so we'd each have a better understanding of what was going on with each other. For example, Dick & I make a point to talk at least every other day even when we don't have anything specific to talk about. It is amazing how often we learn something or help each other as a result of these "nothing" conversations.

We hope this email prompts us to start moving forward again.


Joel Ha(x)nsen & Dick Rho(x)des

asking for more free stuff and never signed any papers or pay for anything.

08-05-2011, 05:16 PM
Dear Joel,

Dino is in and out of the office and I asked if I could take over the woodworking shows because he is so busy. If you would like to you can purchase the cabinet maker system or whatever else you need without a contract. You said " However, we cannot make a commitment to represent your company until we have seen the rest of your products and completed at least some of our market research", I thought there was some commitment made on your part already, because we committed when we shipped all of our products to you. I'm going to email you a letter that says all the products I've shipped to you so far, and that if we don't go ahead with the woodworking shows we need these products back, or we will bill you cost for them. Once I have that signed, and a proposal I can send you a cabinet maker system. Until then I can't do anything else. I hope you undertand that we've invested time and money so far, so we need to cover our costs, and pursue this with more structure.

I can't ship any more stuff out until I know what your intentions are as far as representing our company.So please let me know when to expect the proposal or what you plan on doing. I know Dino is a very easy going guy he's a man of his word so a verbal contract is a contract to him, but I do need something in writing if I'm going to pursue this further.

I would love for you to be a part of Eurekazone, and it is ultimately up to you. After I read your inital email I was very excited about going ahead with the woodworking shows, and told Dino I thought you would be great to represent it. We do have other people interested, but you are our first choice because of the enthusiasm and we need people who think outside the box as you do. I believe this could be mutually beneficial, but its a give and take. We've done our part, now its up to you if you want to pursue with the woodworking shows, show us what you've got. The balls in your court, and I think we could make a good team. I hope you understand where I'm coming from, Dino isn't frustrated but to be honest with you I told him I would take this over because he has so much on his plate right now.

So the next steps are;

1. To sign a contract for the products shipped out so far, stating that if we don't go ahead with the woodworking shows you will ship the products back, or if decide to keep them pay cost for them

2. We need to see a proposal

3. Then we can ship out the cabinet maker etc.

Please email me back if you have any questions or give me a call 908 222 7557

In order to avoid these problems in the future, I do think staying in contact via email is best. When I shipped out the packages to you I sent an email with the tracking information, If you know your expecting a package you can leave a note to tell UPS to leave it somewhere within a doorway, etc. In the future I will insure these packages in order to avoid these problems in the future, but communication is key.

I look forward to seeing your proposal, and I will email you a contract with everything we've shipped out, very standard just for my peace of mind.