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11-11-2011, 09:48 PM
...without thinking we post wrong info.
no reason to blame anyone but we have to set the record straight.

we don't ship parts.
the facts for my statement is that I just count the parts to make the B-300.
over 80 parts ( including bolts and nuts) all together.
the only thing the user has to do is to tighten the nuts.

same with all our tools and components.

the ssrk is 100% competed. nothing for the user except to fit the router by copying the holes and make 3 holes...using the same screws.

the repeaters? 100% done. 30- parts?

the only reason that we ship the ez-one in sections is to avoid the high cost of shipping oversize boxes and save money and cardboard.

we go out of our way to have ALL our tools almost ready for use in minutes and not days.

Guys, this post is to correct another post that may cause damage if we simply don't post the facts.

no harm done but today I had to spend time explaining the facts to potential customers. No idea if others don't even bother to order parts...

again. No problem.