View Full Version : Dino says he's full time inventor, has new partners

04-28-2013, 12:16 PM
Here's an imporant post by Dino:


10 -12 years ago we had to fight for the right to be in the market.
not only we won but we changed woodworking forever.
today, tracksaws are very popular and this is a good thing.

Burt was called crazy and stupid in other forums for teaching people
a better way. me? never mind.

the real innovators was under nonstop attack and the same time copied by the one's that you now see as the leaders in innovation...
never mind the bad history, the good news again is that in a decade
+- few years of development..
the new eurekazone is stronger than ever and dino is a full time inventor now.

our own factory, new team, more help and more time for me to continue
my goal that is btw the same goal and direction of my new partners.

stabilize the product line, lower cost and prices as much possible, keep inventing and applying for more patents...
you know, all the things that makes sense to build a first class tool company.

if it was a risk before to deal with "one man show" the risk was removed.
even if dino dies tomorrow we have few ez inventors to take over.

Why I'm posting this here and now?
if I was a new visitor to the site I may have been turned away from reading your post that is btw, a legit concern...simply not the case here any longer.