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08-28-2009, 12:01 AM
Because there is no bad and good history...

I was very surprice ( to say he least) :(when I saw a thread that I started on the SMC (about the invention of the saw )
moved to the off-topic forum.

The simple answer was:

Hi Dino,

I checked with the moderators and it was felt the thread had more to do with inventors than woodworking,
so it was moved to Off Topic Forum.

Hope that helps.

Not really. :rolleyes:

For that reason, I like to start a thread about the inventors of woodworking, Or I may say, the woodworking inventions, or the inventions of woodworking or....woodworking and invention...
What is the difference here?:confused::confused:

to be continue...

08-28-2009, 12:09 AM
A little history isn't bad. Woodworking is an ancient art. Shipping would not have been so popular without the ability to build boats and Daedalus, a Greek hero, is said to have invented the tools used to make boats and many other things.

The inventions and improvements attributed to Daedalus are both artistic and mechanical. He was the reputed inventor of carpentry and its chief tools, the saw, the axe, the plumbline, the auger or gimlet, and glue. (Hesych. s. v. Ikarios; Plin. H. N. vii. 56; Varro, ap. Charis. p. 106, ed. Putsch.) He was said to have been taught the art of carpentry by Minerva. (Hygin. Fab. 39.) Others attribute the invention of the saw to Perdix or Talus, the nephew of Daedalus. [PERDIX.] In naval architecture, the invention of the mast and yards is ascribed to Daedalus, that of the sails to Icarus. (Plin. I. c.)

Thnks cmack.
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