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08-29-2009, 10:32 AM
---------------Eurekazone---------------Festool ------------------------Dewalt---------------- Makita ------------
SAWS.---- Universal.--------------2-"plunge saws"----------------2-"plunge saws" -----------1-plunge saw---.
Depth of Cut- Up to 6"------------2-1/2"-3"?-------------------2-1/2"------------------------ 2"-------------
Routers Universal.-----------------

This is a test and your input to create a fact based comparison is welcomed.
We need to create a check list itemized comparison including all benefits and the laundry list.

I understand that some companies and some users may don't like to see a complete
and fact based comparison for whatever reason...
I understand that some people may jump in to promote one over another.
This is good and the thread is open to all views and facts.
I know that someone's view is his fact BUT if he don't want to see or provide a proof,
his view/fact is a non fact to others and this check list has no place for personal buying decisions.

On another forum ( and many other forum controlled by one company by paying the moderators...)
the members are allowed to talk and compare the ez system ..
ONLY if they can find something bad to say about the ez system fact or non fact.
They even allowed posting of how to copy and make your own ez tools until
the Company ( sponsor and now owner of the forum) comes up with a similar product to sell.
Then, Even the users ideas are banned because they compete with the Company.

The idea here is to find a balanced list that includes all the design features of all systems
with all the facts that come with that feature.

11-14-2009, 05:16 PM
This is a very attractive idea to me. Knowledge is a good thing. Did this idea get anywhere? I'd I'd like to see an unbiased comparison of these track saw systems, as well as other tools, including organic produce and religion (obviously on another forum).

02-25-2010, 01:37 AM
Antichip protection.

EZSmart. Invented the antichip protection on both sides of the blade.
The cut on the left side is protected by a slide-in flexable edge ( EAC-1) and at the right of the blade by the (AC-2) insert on the smart base.
The EAC-1 was redesigned 4 times to achive perfection and solve all problems. Cost for a 50" edge? $5.00

Festool. Three year after ezsmart they offered something similar to (AC-2) for the right side of the blade.
Last year they changed the rubber antichip edge with something similar to ezsmart. A self stick vinyl edge. Cost for a 55" bad copy? $17.00

Dewalt. Copied the older style ( rubber) Festool edge.
Nothing yet for the right side of the blade.

Makita. Copied Festool and Dewalt. (Sticky rubber edge)

Testing results from FHB: EZ offers the best antichip protection.

Antichip protection off the track.

EZSmart invented (AC-1) antichip insert.
The AC-1 provides antichip protection on both sides of the blade
when we use the saw off the tracks.

Festool, Dewalt, Makita track saws?
They can't offer any antichip protection off the tracks...
because using a plunge saw off the tracks is very-very dangerours.
Like using a plunge router without locking the plunge.
The results?
The savings on sawblades alone covers the cost of the ez system.

To be continued with Facts based info.

02-26-2010, 02:04 PM
A very important link of a system. the most?

If the guide rails ( tracks) don't self align...
A. The end uses has to buy a long and expensive track.
B. The end user has to spend time and energy and find,
buy another straight edge to aling the two tracks that are design
NOT to self align or even keep the alignement even if he finds another way.
C. Take the advice of other users and paid gurus to just buy the long one
and solve the problem.
Easy? yes. BUT not easy to transport and storage a long rail.
If you use the rails in the jobsite, someone may step over?
Use them for something else?
Makes you wonder why a manufacturer sells non self aligning connectors and package one short rail with the saw.

But it don't make me wonder why one of our competitors is trying very hard to
spread the message that our self aligning, super strong, two directional "Patented" cutting rails are bad because of all the above.

Here are the Facts.
Ezsmart offer self aligning tracks and the only one
with (3) self aligning connectors.
Lifetime Guarantee or your money back.

Festool offers 100% non self aligning rails.
Two non self aligning connectors.

Dewalt tracks are better aligning than Festool and Makita but only one connector with limited self aligning feature.
The major problem with F,D,M and other tracks is the non skid tape.
If two tracks are connected and the bottom is stuck to the wood...
How can anyone slide the rails against the line?
The user has to lift and drop the rail to the mark.
By lifting the rails with non self aligning connectors..the connection goes bad.

This is the reason why the ez smart offers ( for some applications) but don't
use non skid tape. Nothing but problems.
Good for rough cuts only and places where you have no other way to secure the tracks to the work piece.

Makita's track connection? Same as Festool.