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kenk 09-08-2017 06:08 PM

SSRK Tunnel Router
It looks like the pics on older "Tunnel Router" posts have disappeared. Can anyone post pictures that explain what this is? Thanks!!

I saw Macduff's video with the spring steel "featherboard" pieces.

To be honest this looks to me like an upsidedown router table with featherboards.

What's on my mind is figuring out how to cut the grooves and tenons for panel doors. It looks to me that it's just much easier and more accurate to do with a router table. Then again, I see too many posts after a router table ate off parts of someone's fingers, so I have a very healthy respect ... verging on fear.


P.S. I should mention that I have the SSRK, MLCS Stackable Slot Cutter set, regular straight bits (the MLCS bit set), and an EZ-One - if that will make things easier for me.

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