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kenk 01-05-2016 01:05 PM

UEG Assembly Information
Last night I assembled a Universal Edge Guide (UEG only - no base included) that I'd purchased recently. The parts were not exactly as shown in the instruction, which led to some confusion. It looked like the UEG had been assembled before (maybe a "clean" return - no damage at all) so it provided its own hints.

For other UEG assemblers, the printed instructions show all of the washers the same size, but mine came with six large washers and four small washers.

It was clear from very slight rub marks that the small washers were used on the "corner holes" - where the extrusions join together.

That means ...

Two of the large washers are used assembling the red/orange handle.

Four of the large washers are used to connect the Smart Base. I didn't actually connect the saw to it last night, so I just inserted the base connectors into the arms and snugged down one of the knobs on each to secure it in place.

Without a base attached the U-shaped UEG assembly looks and feels kind of fragile (maybe mostly due to its size). I think when not in use I'll cut a 1x2 (wood) to match the width of the UEG rails, drill a hole in each end to match the base connector bolt width, and attach the 1x2 to the connectors sliding them to the far end opposite the handle. I think such a "keeper" will help keep it safe and square while in storage

I now have two EZ Ready saws - my original Hitachi with the older style base (great saw, but not UEG compatible) and the Makita 5007MGA with the current base (came with the used EZ-1 I recently purchased). Eventually I'll probably replace the older base with the new style base and just keep the Hitachi on the UEG. That way I don't have to watch which saw is getting used with the rail anti-chip edges.

Ken K.

TooManyToys 01-06-2016 12:52 AM

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