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ddresser 08-03-2011 08:07 PM

The All New True-Trac Track Saw System
Email from ShopSmith today:


bigjohn1 08-03-2011 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by ddresser (Post 16183)

Gee I wonder where they got that great Idea from. Well I think thats great can only help EZ systems. You know its like coffee shops when they start to sell everthing under the sun but sticking with what they are coffee first. They do this to bring in more sales to help pay the rent so why not go with a proven idea the edges and the connectors are looking pretty close and how about that smart base wow cool. Ok after all said and done not a bad look alike.

nextedge 08-04-2011 03:58 AM

Patent infringment??
This looks like a pretty blatant patent infringement by SS.

If Eurekazone cant protect against this type of infringement which is somewhat obvious then all bets are off. I'm hoping Eurekazones Patent Claims are strong enough to protect their hard work. This is a very serious matter that could seriously affect Eurekazone if their patent is not enforced and their intellectual rights protected.

There's no way serious investors or even distributors could accept (knock off products in the market) that compete against original idea without some compromise.

Eurekazone wont be able to even offer exclusive marketing territories if Patent is not enforced. The list goes on but its a very serious matter.

I hope any wrongs are corrected...and Dino compensated for his hard work.
Not just for him but for the sake of all small inventors that bring us new ideas and products that better our lives. The small inventor should be compensated and rewarded for their efforts.

Without this protection, inventors wont have the incentive to come up with new ideas and products that benefit all.

Also.... looks like in their video they are using a Smart Table Kit which proves they have used Eurekazones products

I'll be curious to see outcome of this..

Andy M.

Philphoto 08-04-2011 04:17 AM

I saw the light!
The new Shop Smith theme song! "I Saw The Light."

Now we will have to have a different slogan -- "The original and still the best -- mimicked by many but never equaled!" They say emulation is the sincerest form of flattery, so --OKAY! Now, who is going to say EZ is not the best idea out there? When old line American companies are copying EZ that must say something!

I do agree with Andy that is pretty blatant patent infringement, but who knows, some greasy lawyer, probably has that one nailed shut. I just hope it is our (EZ's) greasy lawyer.


Dino 08-04-2011 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by nextedge (Post 16204)
I'll be curious to see outcome of this..

Andy M.

1.000.000 sq feet factory....a hint.:cool:

sean9c 08-04-2011 02:34 PM

I'm curious. What features are patentable? Can't be the whole track saw concept.

Brian Marks 08-04-2011 04:46 PM

The following is a post in the Shopsmith forums from a guy claiming to be the designer:


I would like to reply to some of the concerns and comments about the True Trac System. I am one of the partners who designed and refined our tool over the last two years. Our company is Insight Toolworks LLC, my partner and I have over 50 years experience in the woodworking tool industry. We were first made aware of the track saw concept when Festool introduced theirs several years ago. I personally have had to work in a small shop (MKV owner since 1978) and was amzed at the ease and percision of the track saw, but the price, high cost of metric blades, and so, on kept me from buying.

Why did we decide to design our own track saw? We had the advantage of looking at ALL track saws that were on the market and talking with users, what they liked, did not like, and what could be done better. First, to design a universal track, you need to have one adapter plate that would work with all types of saws: right hand, left hand, worm drive, cord or cordless; we did that. Second, you have to take out the play, which is created by tolerance slop between the adapter plate and the track. Festool and others have an adjustment built into the base of their saws, but instead we designed the track itself to eliminate the tolerance slop, thus making the plate truly universal.

Our track design may look like others but it is very different and unique, and the track design is currently patent pending. Other track saws work with a "hump" on the track and a matching groove in the plate. This makes it easy to fall off of the center guide "hump". Our track works exactly the opposite, we have two raised humps with a groove inbetween. The raised humps have beveled outside edges with straight inside edges, and the adapter plate meshes perfectly because the plate bevel's slide down against the trac bevels until they are snug. No play! The plates area between the bevels fits into the trac groove and helps secure the plate to the trac, making it hard to come off the track. The analogy is it is easy to fall off a hill (other systems) but you can't fall out of a ditch! It only took a year and a half to work all of this out. Our anti chip edges are extruded with the anti slip material, it is not tape that you add on that can come off when it gets hot. It is easy to move until you apply down pressure, but if you like clamps we have them available, they slide into the dovetails on the underside. The underside dovetails also work with our self aligning connectors, which do a great job.

I have no desire to knock anyones product, and if you have any other band of track saw and are happy with it that is great! The backbone of our country has always been someone trying to build a better mousetrap. We feel we have made a better trac saw and are proud and excited that Shopsmith felt it was a good fit for their customers. By the way True Trac is all American made in southern Ohio.

Dino 08-04-2011 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by sean9c (Post 16215)
I'm curious. What features are patentable? Can't be the whole track saw concept.

you can't patent the spirit of the law...that's for sure.
Like some guys that visited the ez-shop, asked for free tools to sale at the tradeshows and later copied most if not all unique ez-features.
The makers of the true track show the success of the ez-system
and decided to " re- invent" ways to go around the patents.
I think, in the long run they did open the doors for others to do the same.

good luck to all.

bigjohn1 08-04-2011 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by Brian Marks (Post 16218)
The following is a post in the Shopsmith forums from a guy claiming to be the designer:

What else could he say. And of coarse he would like a company like shop smith to sell his or there track and for the one thing it does maybe its ok shopsmith must have got them for a really good price or they are making nothing ya right! also there not that cheap for what it is and can do.

One more thing to show it in operation on a smart table what a dink not happy with SS right now but I'm just one.

Good Luck to them may they copy many more.

sean9c 08-04-2011 07:08 PM

Thought the beveled sides on the track guides were a clever idea, 0 play and it compensates for wear. Also clever using a piece of the anti-chip edge from the track as anti-chip on the saw base.
EZ's about a lot more than track saws.

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