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After buying the Paulk plans and the MFTC plans I came to the realization that the Paulk benches are just too big and bulky to be able to transport in an E150 cargo van, along with my tools and material. The MFTC plan seemed to be a better fit because it is more modular. I can always fit the MFTC in my van and the extensions ( which I based more off the Paulk design ) will be brought out when I know I'll need the extra support for working with sheet goods.

The modular extensions were based on the Paulk design but I am waiting to see how I adapt to it before adding a bottom and cutting out the sides for access to the interior. I didn't make them as deep because I found it takes up too much space in my van and makes transport a real headache as I don't have all the big work vehicles Paulk is graced with . I *think* I might want to add some SME to the long, outer sides of those modular out feed tables and be able to add a B300/Track but I haven't determined yet if I really need it. I may instead drill the 4" centered holes and get some Parf Dogs and some adhesive anti-slip tape for the bottom of my EX tracks and go that route instead. I think in everyday use, this will be faster when I need to switch from crosscutting to ripping. - images mostly taken from a recent job

This set up allows me a more stable work surface than the smart table for cutting full sheets and also becomes a very solid assembly table. Being able to break it down into several configurations is a nice plus. It's made using my existing EX track/Cabinetmaker/SSRK much more productive and flexible than it was prior.
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