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Originally Posted by kenk View Post
I was thinking about the big picture of the process to use the EZSMART tools to cut down plywood to the necessary size for, say, cabinetry.?
If you only have one ez track and the ez base....
the entire system is based on the track....unlimited functionality and very easy friendly to modify and adapt.

We're at the cross roads of the new woodworking.
Why I don't think of that before? going to come up unlimited times.

The ez goal was to do it all with only few tools.
But people like me and you are laez and we want everything ready.
we believe that a factory tool is always better.
I believe that a new and simple way can outperform all tools.

The new ez will get a touch of this. the hybrid ez...
You want better square cuts or better squares?
do you think a perfect square will give you a perfect cut? we tried that.
To many variables ...
( Extrusions, holes, drill bits, boring bits, special washers, CNC's,
$1500.00 Vices, fly-cutters prep one piece of aluminum
and square it to the best extrusion.
include the human factor, the edge of the panel...the heavy hands...
and you guarantee to have a non square cut with the best square.

Here is the new ez square. Eliminate all variables...even the square.
welcome to ez again and again.

ycf dino
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