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Hi guys.
I used ALL industrial machinery and I end-up making the ez-stuff.
Why? My needs was to make custom cabinets at the garage of customers.
Many times in the driveway.

I order the panels prefinished.
two-three smart tables and few jigs= no expenses and no mistakes.
Custom cabinets needed exact measurements and it was good to avoid fillers and

This way I avoided the transportation and damages. No need for trucks,heavy machinery,rental , utilities, insurances, property taxes etc etc.

If I was building custom furniture and other stuff...
I had many shops that can mill and cut to size thick hardwoods.
When I had to run a custom shop full time...doing many tasks...I use a fully shop with all the Barracudas. It was better but always dangerous and
very expensive. I give that up after 2 years.
Even the euro slider was a pain to use.

There is times that you have to use the euro slider as a normal tablesaw
without the sliding table. once, I made a simple mistake and I saw the blade to make the number *8. That was it for me.

Best way to start with tools that you know they're 100% safe, easy to transport
and to re-sale then if needed.

The UEG-Smart table-Ez-one ( not the max) the ssrk and the smart clamping system can do it all. Even if I open a cabinet shop or start building stuff...
I can't see any benefits using tools that was invented after the panels.
The slider is a tablesaw with a sliding table. still a tablesaw.
A motor with a spinning blade and a big motor with a fence.
A system for disaster if you don't know how to use it.
The ez stuff ...some times they may need to re-think the cut but not
after you count your digits.

The 1M saws are just like the ez-one. ( Beam saws).
The wood is stationary and the saw slides on the undercarriage.
Pressure is applied from a pressure beam and everything is safe and accurate.
Even the cnc's. Wood is clamped by ( few ways) and the cnc is free to do
just about anything. ( limited to size of the table)

Just few thoughts.
For production shop I can design ( many of us can) a custom ez-shop
and work smarter and faster than any other setup.
I think FREEDOM is EZ
ycf dino
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