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Originally Posted by kenk View Post
I get the feeling that the conversion from the beamed EZ1 to the current one was mostly for simplicity and maybe cost reduction - rather than for easier usage.

From what Dino has been saying, the future changes will be for similar reasons.
The sliding fences allows for drop-in modules and unlimited versatility.
The goal is to lower the prices ( always) and offer more usage.

The current design is very flexible and ready for many new applications
that are under testing and development for the last 4-5 years.
We will see few hick-ups on the way to ez simplicity and unlimited versatility.
I hope we all stay strong for the last ez push.

Going from dino's ez to ez for all people and applications is not easy.
New tools systems, ways and more are under development and we will start in 1-2 weeks...with the arrival of the Pyramids and the new UEG.

ycf dino
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