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I think by "drop-in modules" Dino is indicating that the sliding rails allow placement of 3/4" plywood (or similar material) into the recesses area between squaring/sliding rails. This is shown in the pics shown in the EZ-ONE web site.

The drop-in module can be just plain plywood to act as a table, a table with something attached to it - such as a Kreg Jig, or a jig that is fastened to that plywood for whatever purpose - such as the Drawer Body Jig. Your usage of the drop-in ability is limited only by your imagination.

Because the rails slide, that drop-in module can be as long as needed - so long as it fits between a set of rails. It can be as wide as the rails are long (or I guess longer), though if in place during a cut it will be cut by the saw.

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