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Default Dik, that's a good quest - Denise Ohio

The tooth marks appear at the top of the cut.

I replied to Kirk that I tried crosscutting 4/4 maple off the rails and the saw performed as I expected. So I don't think the saw is working that hard. But I am often wrongheaded.

I'm thinking I need to try the blade swappage as Burt suggested and start measuring and see what the smart base is doing.

Flex in the blade. That's interesting. Do you think this is specific to an 8-1/4" blade? Perhaps a limitation of the overall EZ design?

You know, I can get out my Big Foot (nickname "Monster") and see what kind of edges I get with it. If there's an inherent design limitation re: blade size, then surely it would show up on a larger blade like that on Monster. I don't recall seeing problems before, but the prototype smart base Dino created for Monster broke* after one day and I never got to test it thoroughly.

(*The black plastic of the smart base expanded in the direct sun of a very hot July day, enough to bend the saw's base, and cracked in two places where the smart base screwed into the saw. I still have the bits. I ordered a new gigantor smart base for Monster that I have to put on, but I bet I could epoxy the original base back together. Huh. I just thought of that. Sometimes I am very dumb.)