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Default Shelf Engineering Help

Not really HT related but I think this will be a good place to get some help in making sure I choose the right material for the tracks and get bearings/bolts rated appropriately to support the forces this thing could end up exerting when fully extended (and what overlap I should leave at full extension). I don't know enough about steel or where to look right now to get the values to do the math (not 100% sure I can do the math necessary either), so I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction and make sure I get the math right.

So here's the rough plan.

DropBox gallery with 3 images and the first rough SketchUp model

The cupboard space is roughly 7' deep and 40" wide and in my kitchen/dinning room. In the current model the shelf extends just over 60" and has about 18" of overlap when fully extended. Will have a door that closes on the opening. Want adjustable shelving for the first 16" that you don't have to pull the shelf out for at all. Then I'll setup some more shelving behind that shelf that you'll get access to from the side as you pull the shelf out. Shelf at the front will be used to store pantry type items. Behind it will be small appliances and more pantry type items.
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