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Originally Posted by Burt View Post
I use the cordless impact for most of my screwdriving and tightening bolts. I find for most things that the little 12 volt ones are great. If you're on a budget, the craftsman ones are adequate. I prefer the makita version. One of the most difficult things for me to do is to hold a nail while I start it with a hammer.

I love my Makita 18v impact driver. It has enough torque to snap the screws if I'm not careful. Last year I was installing vinyl fascia on my roof, and the roofing nails to secure the J-strip and F-strip are short so I quickly got tired of hammering my fingers. I used a magnetic telescoping pickup tool to hold the nail while I started it. The rare earth magnet holds it securely and I can position my hand safely away from the nail. You would probably find it easier to hold than just the nail by itself.
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