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Default A Note of Caution

The subject is "Woodworking With A Disability." I fully understand the need to explain some of the physical challenges some members have. Sharing as much as you are comfortable sharing is one thing. That stated, I am reminding members that all posting must come back to how, we as individuals have been able to adapt or implement tools in spite of physical or mental challenges. I came to EZ due to cancer and the loss of one arm. This part of the forum is valuable as EZ and track saws in general are great adaptions for physical challenges.

We can not legally allow this section to veer off into medical advice, or buy this med and you will get better, sort of discussions. I really do not want to get into having to enforce some set of rules, and I do believe we can be self limiting. So I am asking "please!" Limit all posting to, comments or perspectives that might encourage folks to continue or start woodworking in spite of a physical challenge.
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