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I've closed my commerical shop and am working on a shop of about 400 square feet for a retirement shop. I stayed away from the garage door and went for a double door setup. In my commerical shop I have a garage door and closing the air holes around it proved to be impossible.

I'm going to use the little smart table that I posted recently in my shop. The top is 21x 36 at its smallest and the extrusions in the top work great for clamping and assembly. I can add the wood strips when I need them and have a table that is about 7' x 3'. I am using this instead of a traditional work bench. I started out with a 5' x 2' setup that extends to about 14 feet but it is to large to mannuver around easily.

My emphasis is on light and portable for the EZ Stuff. The Main power bench will be close to the size of the EZ One but with some different turns.

I"ve just finished a small cross cutter 40" x 16" that expands to a little over 5' long.

Also I have multiple SSRK's. Cabinet Maker's, Ueg's, squares and I think I am down to one RipSizer. I also have a good selection of traditional tools.

I've been working on a router table for months. Somehow I just can't get it right. I think I may be trying to put to much into one table.

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