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If your saw blade is binding when on the track the blade is likely not parallel the slot in the EZ Base.
You can reuse a Base that has had the tabs broken of by measuring from the blade to the slot to make sure they're parallel

Originally Posted by Absinthe View Post
I got the 54 track system, the cabinet maker and UEG.

I started setting it up and ran into some serious grief. I was trying to make it all work with my Skil 5350. After about 2 hours I couldn't get the saw to run the track for more than about 18-24" It kept binding, and when it did cut it seemed to twist and rise some degree off the track. But that was the best I could tell with my eye.

I decided that the weak link in the system must be the well used almost 30 year old saw. So I went to Lowes and picked up a Bosch CS-10. I liked up a new base on it and taped the living crap out of it and put as many screws in it as I could. It seems that the blade side of the base has a hard time getting any screws in place because the saw base plates tend to run out on that side, but I got one screw in that side in the center.

So with the saw on the base, and the track clamped to a test piece I was able to cut the full length of the test piece. I decided to quit while I felt ahead and come in the house. Tomorrow, I will try to square a panel with the cabinet maker. Hopefully that will be a better experience, I feel bad that I committed a base to this failure of a saw. Is there anyway to reclaim that base and actually attach it to a different saw since the tabs are already removed?
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