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I measured all different ways to test for square and parallel. The edge of the blade fell at the same point on my speed-square when I put it against the grooves on the bottom of the base. The blade also measured square to the base. The other indication is that the cut edge itself did not turn out square as if the base was slightly tilted, but not consistently so throughout the cut as if that had been the case.

The only 2 things I can discern being "off" are:
1. There was no place to run a screw in the base to the outside of the blade. The base was so wide that the holes land outside of the saw's baseplate. I was able to put one forward of the blade but that didn't seem to be enough. I think the saw was able to move relative to the base.
2. The saw arbor seems to have significant in-out play maybe 18". This motivated me to go buy a new saw, I guess 20+ years on a cheap saw, used mostly for demolition and rough work might wear out some of the guts.

Examining how the base works, I guess I could measure a cut a block of wood that would take the place of the spacers as a reusable solution when moving to a new saw.

I kind of chewed up the anti-chip strip, but for now it will remain in place as-is. I am not sure the best technique for trimming it, since that backwards cutting thing seemed to chew this one up pretty bad. However, that was with the "bad" saw in place. I may try cutting the other one with the good saw, or simply order some more of them at some point.
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