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Obviously, I can only speak for myself, but I've heard this so many times before, from EZ, that now it's just words. There's no action.

Originally Posted by Dino View Post
You have to do both.
not many customers are like you and the ez guys.

Ez has developed at least 50 new tools.
Tools that will turn the tracksaws and more tools upside down.
But this time we will not make tools for others to copy.
just about all tracksaw companies use ez as their development dept.
due to stupid patent laws.
The good news is that the PTO is starting to protect US IP better now.
The only thing that is holding ez from releasing many new tools is the continues work for backwards comparability.
After all, many ez customers had spend 3-4 and even 5K.
WE will not let them down by force them to buy everything again.
Yes, This is a hold-back but is bone for the benefits of all ez customers.

If you read my post : while making ez better we will start a copy2copy line's.

A simple strategy. I think is going to pay very well.
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