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If you're looking for third party or non OE manufacturers making accessories all you have to do is look at Festool. There is a whole industry of of people making accessories. There are enough users to make that viable. Makita uses the same track profile as Festool.

Originally Posted by Absinthe View Post
This is why I asked about the patent status. If it is not in patent violation, then perhaps it may be worth buying some.

I don't understand that on one hand you are saying "keep inventing new things" but on the other you suggest that we are not seeing new things because that gives the knock off people more things to copy?

It would be great if there were two or even more manufacturers using the same profile guide rail. Then there would be an opening for third parties to produce yet more innovations and accessories for a bigger audience. Of course, that takes the monopoly away... I guess there is a benefit to having a monopoly.... though not to the consumer, just the supplier.
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