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Hi Dino, my New Year's wish is to get to finally work with the track saw system and cabinet maker set I ordered back in mid December. I ordered the 108" track saw system via in mid-December, but a couple weeks later received the email that it wouldn't ship until mid Feb. The web site here says it is out of stock. However:
The 54" track system with universal base plate is in stock.
A 54" track piece is in stock.
Connecter rails are in stock.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but are the three things listed above what comes with a 108" track saw system? If that is correct, then why can't those be sent to me to complete my order? I was so excited when I placed this order and now I'm kind of disappointed with how this has been handled when I can clearly see that what I ordered is in stock, just in separate pieces.
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