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My thoughts also were about using EZ system and posting your work and talk about how you did setup things.

Like mark said not cut lists just picture and how you have done things.

I do buy plans from BFM because I think they are good value and educational also. I have also seen free plans with some info but not in detail like BFM does Bill does things in a step by step kinda way. The ones from Curt Cambell that are free is another good place for info.

But you really can't stop people that share most have done it all there life like with books,magazines,movies,music records and cds.

I also believe if the price is right people will buy there own if they feel the price is to high then they look at other ways.

One thing about the music they screwed the public with one song on a cd for years nice to see them get what comes around. Now you can buy legal music or karaoke for like 2 bucks a track how can you beat that.

There are many other things I'm sure look how our government give out so mutch to the cry babies and why because they cry poor and keep making babies for some reason lol.

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