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Was curious so I took a look at the Popular tools site. Could not find a 7-1/4" blade in HATB only ATB and TCG. Found a 8" melamine in HATB and no 8-1/4" blades at all. The 7-1/4" 40T ATB is $60.70 at Carbide Processors.

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Absinthe: I am a self proclaimed blade expert. My daughter and I had a tool sharpening and tool repair business. I recommend Popular Tools saw blades. We no longer sell blades as I have retired. Be advised, the blades are not cheap, but you are not buying Fort Knox either.
In the 7.25" size blade, I would recommend a 40 tooth, full kerf, HATB, carbide blade. The HATB stands for High Alternating Bevel. The bevel is 30deg (which is an acute angle) and has a full flat face The only other option would be a Triple Chip in the same brand. The triple chip is not as smooth a cut as a HATB blade. Popular Tools or Tenryu are my favorites. You will spend $75 plus for the correct blade. Still-- both brands have double the carbide that any other blade has, which means you will get twice the life of any other blade. The blade will be safer to operate, and your quality of cut will be much better. I have the Diablo and they are better than the Irwin lines. Irwin only sells one decent line and that is their top of the line at much higher price of most other blades. Trust me on this. I do not sell blades any more so nothing to gain. The Popular Tools or Tenryu are worth the price and only get the best. Popular Tools has a Professional line that is really a framing blade -- they use them to compete on price and you will not see anything special with the cut as there is nothing special with the line. IF you are cutting stick and framing a house the Professional line is fine. If you are doing cabinet work or building fine furniture DO NOT compromise with a lower grade of blade. Too often we have seen new EZ owners blame the EZ extrusions or say the track system is too hard to use. The problem is the blade and how the blade is mounted.
High quality lumber or plywood needs a blade that can cut without the tearout. The HATB is the only bevel that will cut Melamine particle board, or phenolic Baltic Birch without chip out. Cut yourself once on Melamine or Phenolic and you will wish you forked over the cash for a high quality HATB blade. I can not remember the name of the university, but it is in Iowa, and the college did a study that recorded the temperature of the blades at the point of the cut. The temp was recorded at 900 deg. and up! The thinner the blade and the thinner the carbide the more distorsion you will have to the blade. Also heat is the enemy of metal. Those thin blades will be degraded and warped after cutting big leaf maple. BLM will have dark brown burn at all the cuts. Just imagine what that is doing to your blade! I think you get my points. Buy your blade from a reputable Wood working tool or wood dealer. Popular Tools brand blades, are only sold through sharpeners, tool repair shops, or quality tool dealers.

Please forgive my disjointed post. It has been a long rough day.
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