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Default This is EZ.

Originally Posted by Burt View Post
Gang routing like that is a great time saver and I've never found a solution that compares to the EZ SRK.

Today we tried the digital SSRK.
Who needs CNC's?
life is much easier now.
We're testing a digital story stick and the results are awesome EZ.
The closest that we can come to a custom CNC $100.000.00
I set the SSRK for routing and saved all the settings, like a CNC.
Now, we can set any job ( after the initial setting) withing 5 sec's.
Imagine 3 routers and a saw working together.

The dado is 3/4" wide x 1/2" deep. A typical dado groove.

First router removes 1/4" wide x 1/4" deep. Very easy.

Second router removes 3/8" wide x 1/2" deep.
(Actually the second router removes only 1/8" of materials x 1/4" deep)

Third router removes 3/4" wide x 1/2" deep.
In reality the last router removes only 1/8" x 1/8" materials.

Not even possible with any tool that I know of.

Wait, we have more.
The CS follows the router and make the final cut. ( with another digital story stick and with no fence to set and reset.

But wait again.
We flip the strip and we cross rout the other side of the strip.
followed by a saw to cross cut to side.
The, (But wait again) step is done on the same table in an extended module.

I think, the time has come for ez to save many small US shops and small industries. With a nice ez setup, even a labor free product can't compete with an ez made product.
Good for all of us.
More jobs for our economy and less wasted money in waste.
I'm sure that the labors in some overseas countries can do something else.

We're opening up ez shops ( small factories) in EU ( almost ready)
and next week we're making a deal for Brazil.
Now, this is EZ.
ycf dino
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