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Originally Posted by Tracedfar View Post
"Ez is getting ready for the final move."

"Imagine a bridge on your tablesaw?"

I'm trying to imagine what this means. A new tool or marketing strategy? A shift in application or philosophy? What of the deadwood concept? Will EZ still be a table saw alternative or just an enhancement?

I'm looking to upgrade my set up. A central component was going to be an EZ1 with folding legs. However, at list price with options, it's approaching the price point of a Festool MFT setup or even a Sawstop job site saw. This and the upcoming changes means I'm going to sit back and see what happens until after the first of the year.

When will the "new and improved" EZ be revealed and hit the market? A few details would be welcome.

Hi T.
sorry for the cryptic, used car salesman... marketing like looking post.

The next step is to combine all ways, tools and systems.
To use the ez tools with or without any tools that you need to start,
expend or make a whole new shop using mostly or even only EZ.

In some cases you can use ez to enhance your $4K tablesaw and
in others to replace where the "Ways" kick in.
What I'm trying to convey is the final design move and the unlimited
versatility that ez do all the above.

the Dead Wood concept is better understood by watching
how a machinist works.
First come the Vise or fixtures to secure your work piece.

Woodworkers had to learn how to better push the wood to the blade.
Wood is alive and forces released by the cut can easily create an accident?

ycf dino
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