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Originally Posted by kenk View Post
A few years back I purchased one of those Porter Cable kits that came with an 18 gauge nailer, a 16 gauge nailer, and a crown stapler.

I've been reading about pin nailers and thinking about buying one. The use would be mostly for securing two pieces together while glue dries.

My question is, in your experience, are they worth the $100 or so? Or will the 16 gauge nailer work just fine?
Great responses from the previous posters. I didn't buy one till a few years ago- quickly realized I should have bought it sooner..... I love mine.
The only thing I might add to the other posts is that the pin nails don't draw the pieces being nailed together like the heavier gauge nails do; ie. if you have, say, a 1/8" gap between the piece being nailed and the piece it's being nailed into, shooting off the pin nail probably won't pull that gap tight. So, when you use the nailer, be sure to push the wood together firmly before firing.
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