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Default Fastening EZ Smart Clamping Table Top to 2x4 Frame

I recently adopted an EZ Smart Clamping Table Top, and was planning to make a simple frame and legs/braces using 2x4's.

I figure I'll rip the top edges of the 2x4 frame pieces to ensure that they are perfectly flat, and I"m planning to put two cross braces under the table, just to ensure that there is no sag over time.

My plan was to use (Kreg) pocket holes to fasten the Clamping Table Top to the 2x4 frame. Do you foresee any troubles with the pocket hole screws going into the bottom of the table top's MDF? I assumed it is MDF - I think I had read that mentioned in one of the descriptions - somewhere.

I'll do some test pocket holes on scrap to make certain the screws won't accidentally go through the surface of the table top (gasp!!).

By the way, I had always assumed that the EZ Smart Clamping Table Top's extrusions were fastened with screws, but instead Eurekazone takes no chances and clearly does not cut corners on this product - the extrusions are actually fastened with bolts that go all the way through the entire thickness of the table, and the bolts are fastened using T-nuts on the bottom (see pic below).

I also assumed that the table's orange surface was just laminate, but clearly it is some other kind of coating that was applied after cutting the dadoes. Not exactly sure what it is, but it looks great. Time will tell how tough it is.
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