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How strong do you figure you need it to be? You'd have to try pretty hard to figure out how to break a 2x4 piece of laminated plywood. Likely as crappy as lumber is now a 2x4 piece of lumber would break first.
For the legs just make some L shape pieces, from 1/2 or 3/4 ply, that fit in the corner of the frame.
I'd just glue and screw it together using epoxy. It'd be super strong.

Originally Posted by kenk View Post
Ahhhh! I was thinking of using plywood instead of 2x4's but thought it wouldn't be as strong. Now you have me wondering if for the frame I should glue 2 - or 3>? - strips together (laminated) and use them instead of the 2x4's. 3/4" plywood is pretty strong stuff. Maybe I don't even need to laminate them.

I do need to be very careful where the frame lies relative to the t-bolts (t-nuts?) on the bottom of the clamping table top.

Do you think I should do that for the legs too? Do I need to laminate them there too? I mean the Ron Paulk workbench is made entirely of 1/2" plywood, so I suppose it would be strong with 3/4" plywood. I was planning on building up legs by joining two boards (originally 2x4's) lengthwise at 90 degree angles using pocket hole joints, and then fastening them to the outside of each frame corner. Putting brace strips across all four sides about 12" up would likely make this thing very strong - even if made from plywood instead of 2x4's.
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