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Has to be frustrating.
Pockets look deep enough. Don't see any gaps in the width. Wonder if they're binding there? Also wonder if they countersunk the plastic for the fasteners? It happens sometimes where, in this case, the aluminum extrusion is thinner than the thickness of the head of the flathead fastener. So if you don't also countersink the base material the fastener head pushes into it and makes a bump that prevents the pieces from pulling together.
It'd be interesting, and the quickest solution, to take it apart and figure out what's up.
Keep us posted

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Good to hear from you. Thanks for jumping in. You can get an idea from these. The right side of the extrusion is higher than the table top. All four of the channels in the table have this issue somewhere along their length. It's not much of a difference but it has proven to make square joins difficult. Flat has to be flat and depending on where the workpiece lies it's simply not. The photos show one example as it was the easiest to capture. Several other areas have a more pronounced difference.

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