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The extra linkage in the DeWalt blade lowering mechanism looks like a clever way to deal with the blade clearancing problem of the rear pivot plunge action of the eurosaws. Though it sure seems like the DeWalt failed to get anyones interest. Marketing, I guess.
I've used the Makita and Festool along with the EZ. Never even thought about the tracks on the eurosaws, sure they're more flexible, but the cut straight. Liked the quality and features of the saws.

Originally Posted by Talbert McMullin View Post
I have been using the Eurekazone System for years and it has made all the difference in the world. I have tried the Festool System also and it's pretty good, but the Eurekazone tracks are better....far, far, better. The first time I used the Festool system, I liked the saw, but the tracks just felt strange. Maybe it was the saw, but I decided to keep my Eurekazone system. It just works.

Dewalt is also a nice system. I would like to team up that saw with the Eurekazone rails one of these days. Now THAT would be the way to go!
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