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Originally Posted by Talbert McMullin View Post
Dewalt is also a nice system. I would like to team up that saw with the Eurekazone rails one of these days. Now THAT would be the way to go!
Dewalt saw works very well on the EZ rails and bridge.
The Saw has 2 channels in its base. The inside channel is for their rail, and works pretty well with EZ rail with some adjustments. The outside channel is for compatibility with euro rails (Makita, Festool, etc).

The Dewalt saw base channel needs to be tightened up a little bit from its base configuration to use with the EZ rail. I just added some wraps of painters tape around the adjustment knob and that's done.

There will be a ~1" (?) gap between the EZ rail and the saw blade cutline. My solution was to buy a Festool rip guide for the TS55 and install it all the way against the saw, so that the blade plunges through the guide. With the addition of a thin ~1/16" spacer to contact the work, it makes a solid zero-clearance insert that can easily be removed for off rail or dewalt rail work.

I use the Dewalt 99% of the time now mostly because of its blade depth adjustment and dust collection. The remaining 1% is the 10 1/4" Maktia 5104 for extra cut depth capacity. I still have a Makita 5057 that I really like but don't have much use for so it is stored in a box.


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