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I'm guessing my situation is like others: when Spring gets here, so do the Spring projects.

One of this year's projects is to cordon off some new plantings so that the deer cannot feast on them. Since this cordoning is to be in the front yard, whatever I do needs to have a bit neater look than I'm prone to do.

After ok'ing the general design w/'the big boss' (mamacita), I scrounged around the wood pile and found some leftover fence pieces. After a bit of milling, I had enough parts to make a light-weight frame that would be covered over with some 1/2" sq. hardware cloth. The end panels are 24" wide x 36" tall; the longer, side panels are 60" wide x 36" tall. I couldn't stand the thought of only having hardware cloth over everything, so I thought about inserting a 'decorative element' in the center of the longer panels. After a bit of sketching, I came up with the idea shown in the pic. It's a fairly common theme one sees in print, but I'd never made one out of wood.

So, after a bit of random choosing for the radius portions, I cut out the 'sun' and stuck it in position in the frame. From there, it was a bit of math ( to figure out my angles- in this case, 12˚ for the larger 'rays'; 6˚ for the intermediate 'rays'. Once that was figured, it was off to the EZ-1 to set up the tapered cuts. It never ceases to amaze me how absurdly simple it is to do this kind of work on the EZ-1.

Once the narrow ends (that butt into the sun) were concave-radiused to match the sun's radius, I began to lay out and cut each of the 'rays'.
Instead of building the entire thing oversize and then cutting to size, to fit the frame, I built it one piece at a time. (I was really tight on material and needed to make each piece count maximally.) Building it one piece at a time meant I'd be cutting some really extreme angles, w/none of them the same. Again, this is where the EZ-1 shines: make the mark, line it up under the bridge at the cut line, cut, install, next.

To keep the 'rays' in place where they touch the 'sun', I ran some 1/4" dowels and pookey'd the joint with some Big Stretch clear (; the 'rays' that touch the frame are held in place w/some special screws, drilled thru the frame. (

I only need this thing to last a couple of seasons, but I wanted it to look nice during that time. Mamacita is happy- that's what counts. (I hope the deer appreciate the artistic effort made in spoiling their dinner…….)
Happy Easter,
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