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Originally Posted by Big Woody View Post
Rick, this is very interesting.

However, you've said twice "PT is overkill for saws than can be used on the EZ tracks"

Can you explain?
Overkill HOW?
Where would it NOT be overkill? Roofing? Building decks? (that makes no sense)

And what exactly made it so great?

Also, most of us have a very good idea of how various tablesaw blades compare, for precision work. Is there some reason why those "ratings" would change when using a circ saw & track?


Hi, Big Woody, thanks for the questions.

Not sure I can give an adequate answer, but I'll give it a shot.

re. 'overkill': for me, it came down to acceptable cut vs cost of blade. Tenryu won in my experiment. A different blade might win in your experiment; that's great- I'd love to hear about it.

re. what makes it so great: again, quality of cut, combined with cost of blade made it 'great' for me. When you run your own blade performance experiment, you might find another blade is 'great' for you- please post the results; we'd all benefit from it.

re. blade "ratings": I honestly don't know what the answer is; I guess if you wanted to apply some sort of "ratings" to saw blades, that would be fine.

Hopefully, I've answered your questions? My saw blade experiment/analysis was just that: "my" analysis. I'm guessing that others might get different results. My post ended with the caveat:
this is all conjecture and personal opinion
I am aware that what I experience/think/etc is only me- others will have different results.
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