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I broke my saw base a few days ago. Tried to order online but price comes up in shopping cart $10 more than listed. So, I tried calling. I left two messages after trying to call four times over a couple of days. I hope they're just taking some time off for the holiday. Of course, I doubt many of their customers take much time off.

I have some cabinets to build and customers waiting. If I can't get a new base ASAP to use my UEG, I'll have to go with another method to break down my sheet goods. Maybe I should have bought a spare. Nevertheless, if I have to buy someone else's tool to get the job done... I've been a huge fan for the last few years but when I need to replace a broken tool, I can't afford wait until it's convenient for you.

How hard is it to answer the phone, return a message, communicate?

A few months ago new and improved products, including a new EZ1 or its replacement, were weeks away. (I was waiting to see it with cash in hand.) Now, no one is answering calls.

I can get another brand of tools in a few hours, if need be. They cost more and aren't as "EZ" but time is money.

Is there a problem? Have they laid off the sales team? Having production issues? Is the company in trouble? What's going on?
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