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Originally Posted by kenk View Post
That is so slick!

My wife is smiling at me because I've spent the last half hour messing around with my Swanson speed square and peices of cardboard to help me picture how your setup works.

Ken K.
lol.... yep, I drive my wife nuts w/my mechanical machinations re. EZ...... I'll do a bit of 'chicken-scratching' on a grimy, pre-used notepad; then commandeer her attention as I seek to explain to her what I've 'sketched'.... all to no avail, of course, but she humors me regardless... what an amazing woman....

Re. angles on the EZ-1: there are many variations on the theme. Pic shows two versions of the same thing: lower slotted 'fence' is held in place by a piece of EZ connector w/a knob; also anchored w/a smart clamp; angle is set to 10˚. Upper 'fence' is a piece of ply w/a hole drilled thru it to allow the EZ connector-stud to pass thru it; angle is set to 30˚. Speed squares are only in the pic to show the setting of the fences- obviously, remove them once the angles are set.

Using this kind of set-up for angle cutting is, for me, fast, precise, and repeatable. I'm sure others have set up their own options; I'm hopeful we'll get a bit more input to your question.
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