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I love the bridge on my EZ-One. I have never done bevels so this has not been a priority for me though I can see how slightly narrower spacing between the arms can be helpful to reduce the chance of cutting the arms. I always start my saw before the pivot on the bridge since I use the first (squaring) fence for squaring my cuts. I have attached tape sticks to the front top of the first fence that allow me to do repeatable cuts. I have tape sticks referenced to each side of my saw blade. Should I use a different saw blade I can slide the fence to zero out the tape sticks toward whichever side of the cut I am keeping. And the clamping ability of the bridge keeps shorter workpieces from moving. For longer pieces I use sliding stops to keep the board still. And by the way, my anti-edge strips are still accurate to my cut line.

A key addition to my bridge set up is having a "nest" for the saw. I can't remember if it was Dik or Burt that came up with the idea but it keeps my saw blade from being exposed when I bring it back to its parking space. I believe pictures are somewhere on the forum.

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