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Default Some suggestions for the new site

The site is much better than before. Still a few weaknesses. Here are some suggestions to make the site even better.

1. Have a complete list of all products somewhere and put a link on the side to it. Perhaps on the bottom near the instructions. This would help people who want add-ons to existing systems, individual parts, like a second repeater or another base for the SSRK. It would save staff time in answering these calls. The way I use such a list online is very easy, I just do a page search through my browser and it's much speedier than the search box etc. Also, if someone forgets the name of an item, which is easy to do, they can scan the list. Plus, it's hard to remember which things are grouped together. LIke the seven-way stops. Also, if I lose one, can I buy them singly? I tried to find them as a group and it was not easy. Which category are they under? A complete products list would act like an index. Or two lists, one grouped by function and another alphabetical. Just lists with links. This is my top recommendation.

2. Make a link to all instructional videos, or put them in the instructions page. Again, it is frustrating to have to search for these, only to discover there is not a video, or instructions or both.

3. Perhaps a video/and instruction archive for old versions of a product. Like the old EZ-one instructions or Smart table. Kind of like the old craftsman instruction booklets you can find online, and I'm always, always grateful for them. You can note "this item has been replaced by a newer version." You can keep this on the back pages in customer support and a link at the bottom of the current product instructions.

Why? It will be a huge timesaver for staff as the business grows!

Why? I often get frustrated by looking for information and finding instead marketing pieces. It makes me want to tear my hair! Not with EZ, mind you, but with something like a computer or tool. I really hate many of the tool manufacturers websites. You can't find a darn bit of information on them and have to call their tech support for the smallest details, during work hours, to boot. You can still do the marketing-type easy to comprehend at a glance on the top layer without shortchanging the information. The marketing stuff serves a purpose, but only if the information is there, too. Perhaps some database software would help automate it.

Eurekazone appeals to people who like to "figure stuff out" and creative people who like to find new uses and ways to do things. Well, smart tools for smart people Of course, we have the forum, which is fabulous for new people getting started and has amazing individuals to inspire us. An information-dense eurekazone site would complement this. The slicker marketing pieces are ok to start and at the top layer of the site. But great, detailed information lets you know what you are buying and how to add on to it, what sizes there are, which extrusions, etc.

My two cents. . .

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