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Even with my old Bases with the insert with the pull tab I need to use a pair of pliers on the tab in order to get enough grip to pull the insert out. Also not the most convenient.
I've stuck with the ACE but I'm not sure why other than I'm too lazy to change. One thing that always surprises me is how much the ACE's shift in the track. I have worn out ACE's that miss the actual cut line by almost 1/32" but sometimes I'll shift a track or move something and then make a cut. Sure enough I smell burning plastic where the blade is hitting the ACE making it even shorter. IMO unless you keep replacing them, very often, they don't do a super accurate job of indicating the cut line. Also tired of my blade guard catching on the ACE when I slide my saw on the end of the track.
I need to get off my butt and to a system like Rick, Goblu and others

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This is exactly why I don't get it. It's an extra step where you have to build a story stick before you can make a cut. And, the pictures from Dino are now outdated and the base insert is not as easy to remove as it was back when that black base was the standard. The black base actually had a tab you could grab to remove the insert.. for me, it's now a two hand operation because they removed the pull tab ( so it would work with the UEG I am guessing ) and you have to pry the front up with a flat bar or screw driver and then push it out from the middle of the base. Making removing it just to index the cut line a bit of a PIA. One of the main selling points of a track saw system is the cutline indexing.. I understand some folks may have a setup that differs from the stock setup so they may not use the ACE but if you do, cutting with good piece under the track seems to make life easier when using the cabinet maker or standard track..
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