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Originally Posted by jgowrie View Post

I was very happy with the combo of UEG and Cabinet Maker together. I'm just always puzzled by how many users of the EZ system put the keeper piece off to the right of the blade...

I am going to order a longer piece of B2B because the repeater should be able to handle up to 48" of repeatability IMO. Just like the UEG can handle a minimum of 1/2 the width of a 4x8 sheet the Repeater should be able to handle 1/2 the length of the 4x8 sheet.
I've been following this thread with interest as I also don't see the benefit of cutting to the right of the track. As far as the longer piece of SME, I modified the Cabinet Maker as shown in the attached photos as I was never comfortable using the repeater - it just seemed a little too fussy for how I was trying to use it.. I have a square that is 48" long and made an adjustable stop for the outer end as shown. I also made a gauge that aligns the cut line with my pencil mark, also shown. Although I don't see myself cutting on the right side of the blade, the second scribe line on the cursor would be the right hand side of the blade.

In use, I mark the cut length, set the track in approximate position and then move it until the cursor line is over my pencil mark. If I'm only cutting a single part, I would then remove the gauge, slide the ACE back into position and then make the cut. If I'm making multiple parts, I'd move the stop up until it hits the left end of the plywood and lock it in place. A quick check that the track hasn't moved and I can remove the gauge and then proceed as above - except that I can slide the cut part out from under the track and then move the sheet to the left until it hits the stop and repeat.

I'm using the UEG and Cabinet Maker to break down sheets of plywood and wind up with the cabinet parts I need. I went with the 48" length of SME as that gets me close to being able to split a sheet in half but I will mostly be cutting to 34-1/2" for base cabinet sides and smaller as needed. In retrospect, I could have probably just bought a shorter section of SME and a piece of connector, but Murphy's Law would have had the joint right where I needed the stop.

The gauge seems a little overkill, but I'm able to adjust the position of the cursor to the block in case I would use it with a different saw - although the saw would have to use the same blade. But the cursor is fairly easy to make - a small piece of plexiglass with (2) countersunk holes in it so it would be fairly easy to knock out a couple of spares if I was using a different blade.

I didn't realize that there was a limit to the number of photos that could be inserted so I'll sent the rest in another message.

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