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FWIW, I've had similar concerns building cabinet carcasses but usually only with my portable setup​.

I haven't had the ACE issues others have, or else I'm not bothered by them. However, for repeated cuts I nearly always make a parallel guide jig that butts up against the off cut side of the guide rail. For cabinet carcasses, the UEG is my "go to" tool for the constants (sides, bottom depth, and back height). If I ever do have ACE problems, I'll try attaching some kind of anti-chip piece to the saw base.

Like you, I had issues with cuts being off by as much as an 1/8" when even 1/16" was unacceptable. I also think the repeater seems clunky. There has to be a simpler, more streamlined, and more comprehensive solution for getting accurate angles.

I'm still experimenting but a modified Incra miter guage attached to the off cut side of the guide rail with a sliding stop for cuts up to 32" wide seems promising at the moment.

When in doubt, I still measure twice, make a cut line, measure again, cut once.

As for tear out, I'm with some others in my poor opinion of China birch. If it's going to be seen, I use domestic ply, period. Also while it's probably over kill, I use a cross cut blade (40 tooth or more) even if it might slow me down a little. For me, slow and accurate on the front end makes for faster finishing on the back end.

Let us know how you work things out!
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