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You've got the sequence correct, or that's the way I'd do it. Use your UEG to end up with 2 panels 32x23-1/4, then the Cabinetmaker to square the ends. I'd cut the panel in half at 24" then flip and cut the first edge to get 23-1/4. Also when squaring cut both edges. In my experience it's really hard to get the Square on the Cabinetmaker to cut perfectly square so the shorter the cut the better. Your 56" track is plenty long to cut the 24" length, so that'd work well.

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seanc -

I have both tools. However, I don't really know when to stop using the cabinet maker and start using the UEG...

FWIW, I am still using a very small car. So when I get a sheet of plywood I have them cut to to 32x48 unless I am forced to buy the 24x48 precut partial sheets. When I make cabinet boxes I try to square it up, then cut one size, then cut the other size. I have found that I am not really able to cut the whole length of a 48 with the cabinet maker on the 56". I really do need just a little more length.

So once the cabinet maker is on there and cutting away, when would I want to switch to the UEG?

So here is a thought. Using the factory edge I can square the 32" side. Then I can use the UEG against that side to come up with 23-1/4" panel width, then UEG against that cut and cut the waste off the other end of that panel. I would then have 2 panels of parallel sides cut to width and having unknown lengths. With the cabinet maker I can square off one side first, then cut the other side to final length. That would keep me from needing to cut the whole 48 on the cabinet maker. Does that sound like what you were thinking? I did a lot of dancing the last time I used the UEG, I have some non-slip stuff now that may help with that problem.

Once these cabinets are off to my daughter, I will go back to working on the shop cabinets. Since they are on my time, I can experiment.
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