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Originally Posted by sean9c View Post
You've got the sequence correct, or that's the way I'd do it. Use your UEG to end up with 2 panels 32x23-1/4, then the Cabinetmaker to square the ends. I'd cut the panel in half at 24" then flip and cut the first edge to get 23-1/4. Also when squaring cut both edges. In my experience it's really hard to get the Square on the Cabinetmaker to cut perfectly square so the shorter the cut the better. Your 56" track is plenty long to cut the 24" length, so that'd work well.
I will give this a try on the next project. I have an area in the shop that I want to do 67 linear inches of cabinets. So once I am done with my daughter's cabinets I will be cutting likely 6 lower panels for this. I will use this sequence.

At this point, I still don't have the best work surface and perhaps need to come up with something a little better, especially for using the UEG.

So that will be the next order of things, best work surface or simply to just cut over the edge or use the mdf top sacrificially. .
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