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Thumbs up your favor ez tool. ez vs ez.

Hi guys.
From time to time I wonder if any ez tool is going to be the clear winner.
My favor tool is the Ripsizer now.
No lifting of heavy panels and no need to use another favor ez tool
that is the smart table.
The kit that converts the ez-one to smart table kit is a space saver.
fop me, the smart table kit is out of the list because we use it only for packaging ( taping boxes ) and other stuff.

the ez-one is another favor tool that we just cant work without.
I remove the ez-one for only a day ( for a demo) from the shop and
the guys got very-very upset. When I come back to the shop, first thing was to put the ez-one back again...I like to put the ez-one in top of the list but
the Ripsizer removes parts from panels without even lifting the panel.
the heavy panes are stored vertically ( to save space )
and the ripsizer cuts strips to size in few sec's...

To me, the Ripsizer is the top ez tool
until the smart clamps get upset.
The smart clamps is the only ez tool that stayed as is and original...
why fix it? dont ask me. if the clamps like to show off...why not?

What is your favor ez tool and why?

Thanks and if we get over 100 votes...
we may even see a video of the "upset" smart clamps.
ycf dino
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