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Default Folding MFT legs?

I saw the new EZ-One folding legs being discussed here, so I gave it a look on facebook. I just want to reiterate (already posted there) that i'd really really really love a folding leg solution for my MFT.

I purchased the MFT back in (i think?) mid '13 when it was first released in limited quantity, with the bridge package. I set it up, made a mental note about how great it was, then... Never really used it. I actually don't even see the MFT for sale anymore, so i'm not sure what happened with that

I'm very limited on space, so I could never leave the table assembled. Putting the legs back on and squaring everything seemed like too much effort for the quick 30 minute projects i'd do. I've actually never even used my bridge yet!

In short, PLEASE make the MFT legs foldable. I'd like to be able to quickly deploy and use it

*Disclaimer: I know what i'm talking about 50% of the time, every time...
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