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Originally Posted by Absinthe View Post
Rick, that's great. I guess it eliminates the square as well, but doesn't really address "raising the rail" between cuts. Nor does it address cross cutting, such as for rails and stiles and door frame components. I assume if a very low fence was added at one or both ends of this specifically square to the knock bolts...

This is great, though, where do I see more of these kinds of user "hacks" to the system?
The 'raising the rail' happens when you remove the track from off of the two indexing bolts and set it aside in order to access the cut material and install new material; then, set the rail back against the bolts and you're ready for the next cut- as long as the track is against those two bolts, the cut line will always be in the same place; only by moving the 'stop-sticks' can you change the size of the cut piece. Once set up, there is no need for the 'repeater' or 'cabinet maker set' or clamps. Using this jig is actually quicker than using my EZ-1, w/the bridge.... and just as accurate.

The square could still be handy for doing crosscutting after panel widths have been cut. Better yet, if the concept appeals to how you approach your work, simple modifications can allow this contraption to also allow crosscutting.

re "hacks": there is no single place on this forum where 'hacks' are posted- there are just too many, and they are scattered thru the forum's history. What seems to work best is to post a 'problem' and ask for viewer's input- often someone will give a link to a post where that 'problem' is addressed; others might show how they've approached a solution; etc. There are some major-league problem solvers that visit here, and I've learned tons reading their posts. But..... they usually won't post if there is no one asking. I posted this because of issues you brought up in some of your postings- I thought this might offer a part-solution, or, at least, present a different approach to solving those issues.


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