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Default Customer Issues

So, I built 27 linear feet of shaker style cabinets plus a 7 ft. island for a customer who is a distant relative. Several issues have sprung up:

1. They aren't happy with 12" outer depth of uppers since their old ones (which I never knew about) were deeper.
2. They tried to "help out" and install some lowers over the weekend. They must have pulled them out of square because the drawers are hanging when they weren't before installation but guess who is getting blamed?
3. They tried to re-stain the face frames to make them darker after I had finished them and now their 'blotchy'. I'm getting blamed for that, too.
4. They didn't realize that a 24" wide drawer cabinet will not have a 24" wide opening. So, some of the drawers are too narrow and it's my fault.
5. They thought the carcasses (which can't even be seen) would be oak like the face frames, doors and drawer fronts. Since, I used birch plywood (domestic) they think I over charged.
6. This one set me off: even when I showed that the walls weren't straight and that the room even falls 1.75" in 12', they still say my cabinets aren't square!

Yes, a lot of communication in the front end might have saved most of the confusion. Nevertheless, the question is: how do I deal with this? I offered my labor if they would provide the extra material to redo the pieces they didn't like. I already rebuilt the sink cabinet and adjoining corner cabinet to accommodate an oversized apron sink they sprung on me.

What else can I do? Most likely, there is no way to salvage the situation but I have to ask.

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