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Hey guys, thanks for the advice and benefit of your experience!

Toomanytoys, I think you nailed it. I lost control of the project. Rick, being the most apologetic person in the room actually did relieve some of the tension.

Anyway, they decided to go with the cabinets. I leveled the cabinet with hanging drawers and magically the drawers don't hang anymore. I offered to double the face frames of the uppers which will increase their depth by .75". That and a 10% discount seemed appease them.

I'll never get a referral. It's not something I'll be using to advertise my work. And I doubt I'll bother attending my wife's next family reunion but least I can wrap this job up and put it behind me. I was prepared to remove them and refund most of the price, but I wasn't sure how I was going to survive a loss of several $K's. I've taken a loss a few times but this would have been the biggest by far.

It's my largest cabinet job to date. I really enjoyed building them and thought I'd use it to break into the "next level" in my burgeoning business but now I'm not so sure. Live and learn.
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