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I'm glad to hear there was a way forward. At finish I would think of a way to get a signoff on the project. I've never been involved in a legal battle from either side, but my corporate life entailed a lot of risk management so I do get hyper on self protection.

I don't think this adventure should curtail your ambitions, but I think every job to the day you stop is a learning experience as there are always new surprises, both on the work and people side. The fact that you found a way should bolster your confidence in solving problems. Any work has a people side unless you're working in a cave.

Take what you learned here so you can approach the next job with more information on expectations of the people involved, and explorer the faults of the job (floor level, etc) so you can explain the problems of the job. This should get the unfamiliar customer a better understanding not only of the why's but if your cost is higher. A customer the sees your looking for pitfalls so there are no surprise costs should give you more credence in a competitive bid environment, and that you're more on top of your game then the other guy.

And of course explain that a helping customer can create more unforeseen problems and corrections.
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